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Feel confident ordering. If you don’t like the beans, we’ll swap them out or send you a refund.

Brew with beans at their peak freshness. Roasted and shipped within 24 hours.  

Every bag donates to better orphan care. Your next cup of coffee changes lives. 

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Our Coffee Family

My Story

My Sip Of Coffee was born when my parents reluctantly, (after much of my begging), gave me a sip of their morning brew. I was seven years old, and it changed my little kid life!

Since then, I’ve served at local coffee shops in the midwest area for five years as a barista and roaster. Today my goal is to offer you an incredible cup of coffee, while also giving you an opportunity to change lives.

Our Mission

Partnering with Oak Life to Help Others
By purchasing our coffee, you are supporting better orphan care. 
Too often, inadequate or harmful orphanages are allowed to operate . Many children are abused or neglected through poor staff training.

"We intend to change this worldwide culture through education and training." - Oak Life

The beans

This is Jason, our roaster. He's up in New York curating and roasting the most desirable coffee for us. Growing up around coffee roasting, it's an understatement to say he has experience. Because we get our beans directly from Jason, more money can flow to Oak Life, and you pay less money for coffee beans. See which of our coffees are right for you below.



Top shelf, specialty coffee beans for the best tasting cup of coffee – Don’t like it? Return or switch it out 



Roasted and shipped within 24 hours for peak freshness. We guarantee our beans will be crazy fresh!  



Your morning brew actively impacts children’s lives, and your sip of coffee is helping change the world.

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