Your Coffee Pods Suck

I’m sorry to break it to you, but your coffee pods are awful. Here’s why…

Environmental Concern

Coffee pods are absolutely terrible for the environment. They’re made from many plastics and materials that are NOT recyclable or biodegradable. They end up in a landfill, unable to deteriorate or break down. There’s enough coffee pods to circle the globe 10.5 times! That’s a lot of plastic waste. 

Coffee Pod Health Concerns

This should be a pretty obvious one. Besides the harmful preservatives that reside in the coffee, you are also letting 192 degree water pass through aluminum and plastic that goes straight in your cup! Though coffee pods claim to be BPA free, studies have been done that test positive for estrogenic activity. This means hormone imbalances, weight gain, and infertility are all on the table. By the way, the aluminum covering on the top is linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, autism, and autoimmune disorders. Don’t be surprised with this list. You’re indirectly consuming aluminum everyday. That comes at a price. 

Check out this article on it. Or maybe this one. Still not buying it? Try this one from BBC news. The point is, this isn’t some obscure research thats been done yesterday. We’ve known about the issues with coffee pods for awhile, and yet consumption has risen over the years.

Financial concerns With Coffee Pods

I get it. Coffee pods are extremely convenient. It takes one minute to brew, but did you realize how expensive these little things are? If you bought a pound of coffee that was in a coffee pod, it would end up costing you well over $50.00. That’s more than any high end local roaster would dare charge for premium beans. Average price is 18.00 dollars for high quality beans. So how’s that generic coffee pod working for you? 

The point is not only are you not helping out local businesses, but you are destroying the planet, your wallet, and your health to save 2 min in making coffee. Please consider switching to an aero press, French press, or a good old fashioned coffee pot. There are many alternatives to coffee pods, and it helps everyone out, and tastes better! Grab some fresh, whole bean coffee and use a reusable K-cup vessel.

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