Why Specialty Coffee?

Our coffee is insanely high quality. Most of our coffees are of single origin, meaning you get a more defined, better tasting cup of coffee. We have a curated list of coffee that makes “the cut.” Those that lack in flavor and quality are rejected. We may be picky, but we like the best of the best!

I can go to my grocery store. Why you?

Because of our high standards, you simply get better coffee. Grocery store coffee can sit on the shelves for months at a time after the roast date. This is because coffee doesn’t technically expire, and grocery stores take advantage of this technicality. 

We roast in small batches that are made to order. This means our beans are crazy fresh, and we guarantee 100% freshness or we’ll give you an exchange or refund of your money. Your coffee ships out right after roasting, meaning a super tasty cup of coffee at your doorstep. 

How Subscriptions Work

Our subscription model is super simple. Don’t like the coffee you ordered? Cancel and switch it out. Want to buy more or less beans per recurring order? You can manage your subscription through your account and adjust exactly how you want it at any time.

Think of it more as “how often do I want to order”, rather than the traditional meaning of a “subscription.” We offer returns and there are no fees, no penalties, no commitments whatsoever. Wanting to purchase coffee just one time? That’s fine too. (you’ll miss out on some savings though.) 

Who Is Oak Life?

Oak Life is a school and ministry in Chapala, Mexico that’s dedicated to better orphan care. What this means is Oak Life educates staff through their own curriculum that caters to working specifically with orphaned children.

Orphanages may not knowingly abuse a child through improper interactions. Oak Life sets a standard for these orphanages so that every child is safely handled and taught well. Every bag of beans donates $1 dollar to Oak Life, which means your cup of coffee is actively impacting lives.

Unboxing Our Beans
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