Donovan Talbot at Sunergos My Sip of Coffee Where Passion Means Compassion
Donovan Talbot working at Sunergos Coffee.
(pic credit to @jaykeywood.)

– By Donovan Talbot (My Sip Of Coffee owner) 06/23/20

At My Sip Of Coffee our phrase “coffee for charity” sounds cliche. You probably see it as a marketing tactic or a way to get you to pay more for a bag of beans. Let me explain to you what the passion aspect represents.

Humble beginnings

As you may have guessed, I’ve been drinking coffee for awhile. A LOT of coffee. My first sip was when I was seven years old, which surprisingly changed my little kid life. Owning a coffee shop was my dream, but little did I know about the responsibility of it. I was 18 when I decided to get my first job, but Mcdonalds wouldn’t do. I went around our very small town and applied my heart out to whoever would hire a kid with no experience.

After nearly giving up and running out of resumes, I remembered that little kid dream of My Sip Of Coffee. I went over to our local coffee shop and met with the owner, Sherry who had been running it for only a couple years. The shop was called “Kent Java Bar” named after the owner’s late husband “Kent.” I gave her my resume, but also included a cover letter that outlined my old coffee goals.

Coffee Shop days

After I met with the owner, I got a phone call that I had gotten the job! Thrilled that my coffee journey was about to begin, I learned the skills of the trade. Fast forward several years and I also worked at Hobknob Coffee Co, JW Cafe and Bakery, and Sunergos Coffee. I went through extensive tests and training, received my online degree as a barista, and was taught by a nation renowned coffee trainer who personally worked with me. Serving at four local shops in Kentuckiana however made me realize the burdens of retail! That however did not stop my ambitions of starting My Sip Of Coffee.

My Sip Of Coffee Begins

Because of that drive and passion I’ve had from a small age, I knew details and burdens wouldn’t put out that special flame. My passion was what drove My Sip Of Coffee. My years of experience both as a barista and roaster only solidified my desires and goals.

Now that I’ve equipped myself with the tools I need, I am ecstatic about helping you find the coffee you love, here at My Sip Of Coffee. Not only that, but giving you an opportunity to help others through our Oak Life partnership. Thank you for your support!

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