Ethiopia Hambela Wamena

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Ethiopia Hambela Wamena

Farm: Goro Badessa Woreda
Region: Hambela Wamena
Varietal: Heirloom Varietals
Process: Dry process. Raised beds.
Altitude: 2100m

Mango, Peach, Rose




Flavor Profile 

This seasonal coffee blew away my expectations. I made a Kalita wave (pour over) out of it and was thrilled to taste so many flavors of fruit and citrus. Most often I let the coffee cool a bit before sipping. African coffees are feisty, and the first few hot sips can be pretty bitter. Let your coffee cool! This coffee boasts notes of mango, peach, and rose, in that order. This is NOT the coffee to put creamer in, but to sip all-natural via pour over or drip coffee.


Farm Info

The coffee comes from small holder coffee farmers in the Goro Badessa Woreda of Hambela Wamena, a high altitude region that tops out at 2100 meters above sea level. The Goro coffee is processed in a nearby town at a privately run wet mill, where they process both washed and natural coffees. This lot underwent several layers of hand picking from the whole coffee cherry to the final milled green coffee in order to achieve “Grade 1” status. The mill that produced this lot used to have to sell their coffee to the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange, as export licenses were only granted to cooperatives and coffee Unions. 3 years ago the government loosened these laws considerably. Now, the plethora of privately-run coffee stations and smaller estate farmers are able to sell their coffee directly to buyers, retaining provenance, rather than having their coffee blended off and sold by the government exchange under generic regional names (“Guji Grade 1”, “Yirgacheffe Grade 3”, etc).


How You Help Buying This Light Roast

At My Sip of Coffee we pride ourselves with great coffee. When you buy our coffee, you directly help our family, Oak-Life in achieving their goals. Their Curriculum dives into trauma care, and how to handle abused and mistreated kids. Their ground breaking solution helps orphanages and regular people learn a valuable skills, but also be able to help in ways they couldn’t before.

“Our mission is to help solve the world orphan crisis by reshaping the way we interact with and consider “orphan care”. Too often, inadequate or harmful orphanages are allowed to continue, while loving, wholesome homes and foster families struggle. Good shelters are unable to grow and care for children without sufficient resources and staff. We intend to change this worldwide culture and bring more children home. We are doing this in three simple ways…”

We’re extremely grateful for your support, and hope you’ll enjoy this light roast coffee as much as we do! While this coffee is to die for, we know you’ll love our other coffees too. Check out our light roast to get more delicious, flavorful coffee and continue supporting us.

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Additional information

Step 1: Size?

12 Ounce, 6 Ounce Sample

Step 2: Type?

Ground For Cold Brew, Ground For French Press, Ground For Home Brewer, Ground For Pour Over, Whole Bean (Recommended)


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