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My Sip Of Coffee Gift Cards

Give the gift of delicious coffee and caffeinated productivity!

Exceptionally High Quality Craft Coffee

We wouldn’t be selling it if we didn’t drink it everyday ourselves. Our coffees are specially crafted in Port Chester, New York, and shipped the SAME day it’s roasted. This ensures you’re getting the freshest coffee humanly possible! We don’t sell cheap, burnt, or poor blends of coffee. Ever. Learn about it here.

A lot of times grocery store coffees or big brand coffees will over roast the coffee to hide the imperfections in the beans. We’re against the trends, and almost exclusively sell single origin coffees of the highest quality from the best producers. It’s more expensive for us, but life’s not all about money, right?

Support The Little Guys

Support small and local businesses this year, and purchase a unique gift for friends, family, and maybe the occasional boss who deserves a treat. 😉

Since Covid-19 hit, small businesses need support from people like you now more than ever. We really appreciate you shopping around on our site! Even if you leave empty handed, you can still spread the word to friends and family and that contributes more than you think.

Your Purchase Supports Better Orphan Care

Your purchase of our gift cards will also donate to orphan care through Oak Life ministries. You can learn more about that here.You’re giving two gifts in one. Good on you!


Unmatched Customer Support

These gift cards are no exception to the addition of customer support. If there are any issues that arise or you, or the person who uses the gift card have questions, I will personally see to them.

As the founder of My Sip Of Coffee, I take a lot of pride in the quality of coffees we offer as well as the after-purchase support I give on a one-to-one level. No bots, no holding on the phone, just pure support from the owner himself.


Contact info is here, and our E-mail is We’ll get back to you with lightning speed.



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