Should you tip your barista?

Should you tip your barista? There is a LOT of controversy on the matter. But is throwing an extra buck their way really necessary? I mean, after all it can’t be that hard to press a few buttons, right?

Well, I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This is one of those grey areas in the food service industry that’s ultimately up to you. Here’s another good article if your’e feeling unsure.

My Personal Tipping Experience

As a barista, I feel that around 60% of customers tipped me. (Which is not bad.) I worked my ass off wherever I went, and that usually paid off because I got tipped more often than not. Whether it’s throwing your extra change in the jar (or if you use card) adding a $1 tip, it helps! 

Working For The Tips

Baristas make about minimum wage, which is not a living wage. Your good deed makes it surprisingly more livable. HOWEVER, tipping shouldn’t be an obligation. If your barista isn’t giving you 110%, don’t feel bad for not tipping. I see a lot of slackers out there, and you bet I don’t tip if the barista is rude or has a snooty attitude. (This is common.) Should you tip your barista with a bad attitude? I think not.

Location Affects Tips

At higher end local shops, baristas are trained heavily on customer service, workflow, and coffee knowledge. If you don’t see this come out during your experience, that’s on the barista. From my own experience, I find that location affects tips tremendously. If the shop is located in a neighborhood, it tends to make tips go down. If the shop is located in a well developed area or is downtown, the tips seem to be better.

Go With Your Gut

In conclusion, it is a controversial topic. As such, go whichever way you feel is right. Baristas will not (should not) be offended without a tip. It’s perfectly normal and they’re used to it being around 30% tippers. From all the baristas around the world, we owe it to you for even caring in the first place! You can contact us if you have any questions or want to present your argument.

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